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About Us

Vanzeal group are New Zealand’s leading independent negotiation professionals working across government, commercial and consumer markets.

Our skilled and experienced people take the stress out of negotiations and save our clients time and money.

Specialities include commercial negotiation, assistance in negotiating the sale or purchase of a business and procurement and cost reduction services.

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Maurice Stilwell - General Manager

After some 20 years of senior management in the corporate world and being heavily involved in business Maurice
development, negotiation and all manner of  supply chain management, the missed opportunities for profitability improvement never ceased to amaze me.  All too often it was no particular persons responsibility to benchmark costs or it fell in-between the cracks' in corporate speak.

Then having the fantastic opportunity to work in the economic development sector assisting a wide range of companies to increase productivity and performance I regularly saw businesses very focused on doing and growing.  But not having the time or mind-set to focus on specific opportunities for margin improvement.  I also noticed that many business people are not good negotiators, especially those who think they are!  This is usually because they are too close to their business that they believe their own market intelligence with regard to supplier pricing and terms of trade.

This was highlighted to me when I worked with a large transport company who were proudly getting 'special rates better than the rest' for tyres and fuel.  Their pricing was sharp but not industry best.  We were able to save them over $110,000 a year without any supplier discord.

Then I assisted a friend who runs a medium sized joinery factory.  My independent review of costs, followed by benchmark comparison and negotiation saved him $90,000 a year.

In both cases, the business owners were delighted with what was achieved - and helping businesses increase their profitability is a very satisfactory job - so Vanzeal was born!

Vanzeal now has a growing team of fantastic people with experience in a wide range of industries.  Our model of no upfront fees is ballsy as we back ourselves to deliver results for our clients.  Unlike usual consultants who charge by the hour whether they deliver value or not!.  Our approach is disarming and non-confrontational.  We want a fair deal for our clients and their suppliers and the perfect outcome is all parties happy with the deal made, and security of business for the supplier.

My personal experience is across several business sectors including telecommunications and IT, building services, leasing and finance, energy management and economic development.

When not increasing our clients profits I like to spend time on the outstanding Paraparaumu Beach golf course, playing a little social cricket, supporting our so-so Hurricanes super rugby team and enjoy time with the family.

You can contact me at or 021 783 566.

Karyn McKenna

KarynSeveral years ago I co-owned an automotive retail business and our biggest problem was finding enough money to take home a comfortable weekly income.  We were doing all the right things - we had systems and processes, business mentors, great staff, successful marketing and advertising and an established trade and retail client base.  But after paying the wages and our suppliers there wasn't much left for us, the business owners. 

We needed to increase the net profit of the business and reducing our Cost of Sale expenses was the most logical thing to do.  But a lot of our key suppliers reps had become friends and we felt uncomfortable having to talk money and pricing. 

In hindsight this sounds crazy but I discovered I wasn't alone in this thinking.  A lot of business owners I have talked to over the years feel the same way.  And that's what suppliers want - an established relationship with their clients - as the more they can charge their clients the more profit their own business makes. 

This was the reason I joined the Vanzeal team.  I realised the benefits Vanzeal could have added to my own business and how they could have increased our net profits and reduced the stress and struggle I went through. Yet still making it a win-win situation for us and our suppliers.

Through my experiences and working with my Vanzeal clients I have discovered the more net profit a business makes, the happier the business owners are.

I have spent most of my career working in the IT&C industry in a variety of areas including Training, Software Testing, Data Migration, Telco & CRM Implementations and Business/Process Analysis.

I discovered that my skills are very transferable and through that I have gained experience in a wide range of other industries including franchising, finance and accounting, automotive, retail, viticulture, hospitality, construction and adult education.

When I'm not busy making business owners happy I indulge in my addiction to DIY (I am currently working on my 8th house), watching rugby (Hurricanes & All Blacks) and motorsport, gardening and landscaping, reading and enjoying great food and wine with friends. 

You can contact me at or 0275 748 280.

Mex Bouzaid

I love getting out and meeting people. 

Bringing new ideas and services to businesses that can help them improve not only their services, but also Mextheir profitability.               

When I was younger I worked in a very wide range of industries, from labouring to machine operator for a gold mining company, drilling and blasting, earthmoving, tree felling, landscaping, golf course building etc.  Working for these various companies made me flexible and adaptable for all types of work.

Then I started a labour hire business in Queenstown and found niche in the market.  This grew from a single person - me - to a staff of up to 30 people in a space of three years.

Unfortunately a work place accident meant I couldn't do the outside physical work I was used to.

So I took an opportunity to move up to Wellington and work for a marketing and advertising company where I focused on sales, customer service, telemarketing and photography, which has turned into a passion of mine.

I moved up to the Kapiti Coast after three years living in Wellington City and I worked for a property management company, a helicopter business and a paintball company.

While watching an All Black Test one evening with Karyn, she told me about Vanzeal and how they work with companies to provide independent procurement services.  I was immediately intrigued about what a great idea it is and how it helped businesses to increase their profitability.

Now I am part of the Vanzeal team and looking forward to finding new clients and helping to grow their business.  I'm all about customer service and so is Vanzeal, which fits like a glove.

You can contact me at or on 021 0529911